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Custom Icon Design that Will Ensure People Want to Use Your product

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About my Icon Design service:

Icon design is the way to express something in minimal. Icons are used everywhere websites, presentations, mobile apps, web apps, and everywhere you need to express some kind of action, service or feature.

Custom icon design for apps, web, software and games is my core business since 2003.

I guarantee high quality, creative and tailor made icons that will express exactly what you’re trying to present.

I have extensive experience and talent to deliver high quality icon design that works, on time.

Why Choose Me?

  • Fast:  Get your high quality and exclusive icons designed quickly!
  • Reliable: You’re covered by an industry leading no-fuss, money-back guarantee on all my design services.
  • Flexible: We offer you unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions during the design process!
  • Efficient: My unique design process is simple, streamlined and effective.
  • Proven: Since 2003 we’ve designed hundreds of icons for happy clients all in the USA, Canada and internationally.
  • Affordable: Really affordable rates, starting at $50 USD.
  • Legal: It’s your! You get all the rights to your artwork once we deliver your final design!
  • Contactable: You can contact me any time by e-Mail, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp.